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Walking Dead Night

So I feel like now I can share last week’s tidbit from the Talking Dead that the first of the four random dudes lined up at the sink in Terminus with Glenn, Daryl, Rick and Bob was Sam from that one episode last season. Sam and his hippy girlfriend who ended up leaving just half a leg behind, that Sam.

The actual episode this week was amazing! Also, super disgusting! I think the thing from the Alien series made a cameo. Major gag worthy episode in more ways than one, though. If you’re a comic book follower you will see the storylines begin to somewhat merge. Obviously, they have to insert different characters, because several of the characters that were originally involved were killed in past seasons. It’s interesting how they’ve incorporated the fallout from Terminus with comic material.

I love the Talking Dead. This has to be my favorite quote of the season, so far.
Hairy Dude: If my best friend were sleeping with my hot wife I’d totally want my son to kill him.

Chris Hardwick: We need to talk…. and uh….. I’m going to die.

I paraphrased a few words, but omg, so funny. That was about Shane/Lori/Rick and Carl, obviously. I will avoid any other comments till later to avoid spoiling.





So I just realized that the same actor who played Inigo Montoya from Princess Bride also played Gideon from Criminal Minds

I refused to believe the wifey when she informed me of this. nope nope. nope.

Now, go back to him in The Princess Bride, and tell me you don’t see Gideon. 😉

He’s also the blankie thief in The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland

He was in Chicago Hope, too, but I don’t remember his character’s name. I was an ER girl. George Clooney. Swoon.


a girl at our school got dresscoded for wearing this shirt because it promotes bullying


but a guy at our school was able to wear this shirt and our principal thought it was funny when he saw it


The top one is a mean girl special, not at all funny, because I’ve been there, but the bottom one, that makes me want to make someone a fist sandwich. Not cute, either. Shirts with words, nope. Too many ways to be a total douche.

(Source: milotlc)

I can’t poet comments on posts from my phone or Kindle, but on response to a question, I have been hooked on Game of Thrones since the first episode. I didn’t see it until earlier this year, no HBO, but once I did, yup, super hooked.

Technology Updates

So I didn’t bring much when I moved into my grams house. The tv we have in the living room is a 32 or 37 inch my grandpa bought when I was like 8. It was the biggest thing they had at the time. It is now dying. I have small 27 inch in my room, pretty old. I am getting a used flatscreen from someone I work with for our living room. My daughter was quizzing me on all the details. I told her, flatscreen, HD, 55 inch, plasma. Do we need one that big? No, but this one fell in my lap. It’s $150. I could buy a much smaller , lower quality one for $299 maybe, not really sure, or I can get this. Guess what I’m doing? My grandmother listened to me tell my daughter about the tv and said “We don’t need a flatscreen, just get a regular tv.” I had to tell her that they don’t make “regular” tv anymore. Our ancient entertainment center has a million VHS tapes on it and I know she’s not going to want me to throw them away. She’ll want to give them to someone. No one wants old, dusty VHS tapes that the dog chewed on.

More Saturday OT. I’m at the end of a 55 hour work week. Apparently, I kept smacking the alarm clock and saying “I don’t wanna,” to which my 10 year old replied, “Well, you have to Mommy.” I know that, I just don’t want to. Then I stop at Dunkin Donuts and the most attractive guy in a two state radius, as judged in the last 8 years is there getting coffee. Saturday OT mornings are no makeup, usually no shower, not much sleep, looking like shit mornings. Oh hi to you too.


Anonymous asked:

I had a barista remake my drink today because she made it hot and I ordered it iced . (Ik bc it's on the receipt it said iced) so she dumped the hot drink down the drain and it nearly broke my heart ;-; is this normally what starbucks does with the wrong drink for someone ??


I can’t speak for that store, but at mine… it’s all about how you approach me. If you’re really nice, I’ll let you keep both. If I get even a glimmer of attitude, the wrong drink is going to go down the drain… in front of you, so I can see the inkling of a tear.

If it’s the wrong drink, why would you want it anyway? Don’t get that.

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