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Ipsy Review

KI haven’t done one of these in awhile. I actually liked the Lollitint, before the rude comments, but $30 is a lot of money. I also have several good sized samples of Buxom and Bare Minerals gloss that are awesome, so I would rather spend my money elsewhere.

I love the Dr. Brandt, the Coastal Scents Brush and the UD liner. The Dr. Brandt is too pricey, but I am considering purchasing the other two.

The Elizabeth Mott shadow was decent, but not something I would repurchase, even with the code. $6 for a single eyeshadow that I didn’t care for that much, no thanks.

The Starlooks lip pencil was a no also. It was supposed to be a nude but it was bright pink.
I did give it a try, but it didn’t work for me. Probably a good thing I didn’t wear it to work!

I gave the Mary Kay lip gloss, nail polish, and the Demeter perfume to my daughter. The fragrance Is light enough for a 10 year old. I like it, but already own it. I was very interested in the Rainbow Honey, but blue glitter isn’t my thing. Jenna has been begging for her own bag for months so she was thrilled with my extras.

Why I Hate People With A Fucking Passion

For fuck’s sake, what is up with people lately and the need to make rude comments about my appearance? Today it was a different douche I work with, in the guise of “helping me” who wanted me to know that the Lollitint, a pinky purpley lip stain and clear gloss I had over it, made me look like a whore. Gee, thanks. Mind you, I was only wearing this and one coat of mascara, but what fucking ever. They just wouldn’t want me to get a bad reputation. Oh, and I have such pretty eyes, I should do something with those, but yellow nail polish and pink lips and a purple shirt don’t really go with blue gray eyes. Seriously?! What fresh hell is this? I need a new job away from ass bags. My eyes are hazel, by the way.

Late Night Thoughts

I have to get my daughter into her own bed. She’s 10 and plenty old enough. She’s a massive bed hog and a thrasher and every time she moves she rips the covers off me, right after I get comfortable. So aggravating.

One of my contacts ripped in my eyes and it took forever for me to find the boxes of new ones. The got misplaced in the bathroom. Meanwhile, my eye is super sore and red and watery and I don’t own glasses. Oops. That may need to change.

Pad and tampon commercials are always stupid, but the new one from Poise about wanting Sam in your pants…. Wow. That’s a new low.

Ice cream commercials are killing me. 8 more weeks before I can have ice cream, in moderation of course.

Ass Clown Coworkers and Depression Files

Embarrassment and humiliation are high anxiety/ depression triggers for me, mostly because of issues from when I was a child/teenager. I end up feeling stupid and worthless and want to hide.

The jerks I work with like to withhold information to make this other guy look stupid, and usually I put a stop to it. Tonight they got me. We had an issue that could potentially be a big problem, so I tried to help and also to call first one boss and then the other. I woke up the second one who was pissed and ignored me. Then the original douche bag coworker comes in and starts yelling about what am I doing because they already know and its being dealt with tomorrow, which the guy right next to me knew and thought it would be cute to not mention. What. The. Fuck.

So I feel humiliated and want to cry and hide. But I shouldn’t. I didn’t actually do anything wrong. Boss and I will be having a chat tomorrow. Not that it will do any good, but still.

I wasn’t done! Long story short, if you want a huge fancy wedding after 10 years and 3 kids, that’s your business, but dont ask me to go broke to attend it tell me I absolutely have to wear this particular color.

I may have another wedding someday but I surprise myself frequently with how cheap I actually am. What really matters is spending the rest of your life with the one you love right? I dont even have that yet

More Wedding Crap

I have also never been that into vow renewals, which is one of the reasons I never had one. I mean it’s kind of redundant.  It doesn’t make you anymore married than the next person.  Just have an anniversary party. Also, I was married for 9 years, but my marriage was troubled for more than half of that time, so I also wasn’t eager for that reason. 

I am more frugal than some of my posts might indicate, too. 

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