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Easter Sunday 7

My brother and his girlfriend got engaged this weekend! I’m so excited. I adore her and her little girl and am thrilled that they will be making it official.

We had a nice little dinner at my mother’s today. My diet sort of went to shit for the day. Oops. My mother had what she thought was a great idea to have macaroni and cheese for the kids because the other two little kids always have to sit at the table while their mother’s make them eat just a couple more bites of the mashed potatoes they said they wanted. Well the macaroni and cheese wasn’t any different. I’m sure it doesn’t help that my step sister always makes an adult size plate for her four year old.

The kids got nice little baskets from the Easter Bunny. They were very cute and excited. Patrick’s favorite thing was a soccer ball. Jenna’s was a mini American Girl Doll of the Year. It was Isabelle. That was hard as hell to find and then I accidentally ended up with two because I didn’t realize I was bidding on two different listings from the same seller on eBay. Oops. My niece ended up with one, too.

We dyed our eggs on Friday night this year instead of Saturday and I think that we will be doing that from now on. It made Saturday less stressful and tiring.

I am so cold! It was so nice and warm earlier, but I have been freezing since early evening. I just can’t get warm.

Patrick got a mohawk on Friday and I let him get colored spiking gel for it. He picked red and the Easter Bunny brought blue. I’m still getting the hang of putting it in and getting properly spread out. My grandmother did it yesterday and I thought the white washcloth she used to clean things up was our pink one. Maybe I should just buy some black ones.

I have not been getting enough sleep lately. I think tonight is the perfect time to rectify that. I’m exhausted.

I may seem a little cranky tonight, but I’m not really. It’s been a great week. The kids are on vacation and are behaving wonderfully, my Ipsy bags are waiting at home, it’s finally warm. The people I work with are just jerks, especially this particular guy. He has to pick at everyone. He’s such a dick. Five minutes ago it was the way I talk because I’m a native to the area and he’s not. Whatever. Screw you and the horse you rode in on. Mean people make me pissy, in casé there was any doubt.

I Work With Assholes. For Real

Fyi dude, if you carry a man purse, like an actual man purse, not a messenger bag or computer bag or a lunch bag, you do not get to make fun of my shoes. You don’t get to make fun of my shoes, period, since I bought them to alleviate the pain from my effed up toes. Ass hat.

My toes are much better now, but still healing and still a little sore. I bought a new pair of Crocs a few weeks ago when that was a major issue, for that specific reason and Mr. Fashion Critic over here was like “Crocs, really? Why?” Fuck you dude, because they’re my feet and I can put whatever I want on them. At one time I did have 4 pairs but they got dingy and gross and some of the straps broke. I am a little more fashionable now, but still, I don’t care what anyone thinks, they are the most comfortable shoes ever. EVER.









look out world, july cinnabon flavored coffee chillatta is on his way

February bacon

february pocky

lookin’ for a kawaii time senpai?

February salsa bitches!!!!!!

May Rice, I’m getting murdered by my pimp because I am not getting anyone

March Polenta?

I want my money back.

November Soba? Nah, son.

April Popcorn wants no part of this.

December Apple. Not awful.

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Monday Musings

6.2 lbs down. Woot! It’s getting easier now that I’m starting to see results. No more snacks at night, either. I can see visible results in my face and waist already, which is what I really care about, not so much the final number.

It was gorgeous today and so warm, but….. the AC in my car is broken. It’s going to be one long spring and summer if I don’t get that fixed soon.

I had a good friend tell me today that she doesn’t believe in anti depressants because she feels that they just masks your true feelings. What. The. Fuck. I have so much more to say about this that I will be writing a Depression Files post about it. My true feelings are able to shine and frankly I’m a little disappointed that people can still be this ignorant, especially this person, but I’ll cover that later.

I try to leave the bathroom light on at night in case one of the kids needs to go, since neither one of them likes to get up in the dark. My grandmother has this thing about turning every single freaking light off and leaving it dark as a tomb in here. Sure enough, 3 am and I hear “Mommy? Will you take me to the bathroom? I have to go pee and it’s really dark out there.” Sigh.

Sunday Night TV

I am in love with Turn. It is such an awesome show. It would be more awesome if the kids would leave me the heck alone for 5 minutes so I could focus on watching it. They were up later than normal because they are on vacation this coming week, so they watched most of it with me. When the British soldiers died they put them in barrels of rum to preserve their bodies so they could ship them home. They showed that in the show and Jenna asked me what was in the barrels. I told her and explained and she was completely grossed out and told me that next time I am watching one of my “scary shows” and she asks questions, don’t answer them, because she doesn’t really want to know the answers. She cracks me up.

I started watching Mad Men tonight. I have the first season on DVD, but I haven’t gotten around to watching it. I decided to say screw it and watch the last season as it airs and then catch up on the rest later. I love it! I am definitely way late to this party, I know but wow! That scene on the plane just blew me away.

I’m still missing The Walking Dead big time. I’m really curious to see where they take Daryl and Beth next season. I felt like they were setting it up for them to have strong romantic feelings for each other, but who knows what will happen with that. It is the zombie apocalypse, after all, zombies and crazy biker gangs without bikes and the Terminus gang kind of put the kibosh on any of that and make survival paramount. I understand that, but I am a girl and I do like the romantic stuff and I get so bummed when it gets interrupted. When the zombies came busting in the door of the funeral home I was like ” Goddamn it!” Also it’s Kirkman and we know he likes to screw with the fans so I’m expecting to be disappointed. I was expecting a Daryl/Carol relationship and they really didn’t do much with that. They hinted that things had happened, but they never showed things happen. I don’t even know what’s up with me, Daryl has always been one of my favorite characters, but I have never found him attractive and a huge heartthrob like so many of the female fans. Until the last half of this season, that is. Now I’m like hmmmmhmmmmm. I don’t even know. Maybe it’s because the Governor is gone. He may have been bad, but he sure did have some sex appeal. Maybe it’s because I’m single. I don’t know. Not everyone is a huge Daryl fan, I get that, but to each their own.

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