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Ahhh! When I was on my Tumblr break, meaning being a lazy lump, everyone changed their url’s. I don’t know who half you people are anymore. Sounds like a good excuse to be lazy tomorrow and screw off on Tumblr trying to figure it out, though

Impeccable Timing

I just had a week off, without pay unfortunately, except for the holiday. Plant shutdown. It was nice to have a week off, but being broke sucks. I had been missing time from work because of my seemingly weekly injuries and illnesses, so I haven’t had a full paycheck in nearly a month. Super. I kept seeing all these vacation posts on Facebook, from work people and other people and I was a little envious. I got in some good beach time, though. We went every night that it didn’t pour buckets. That’s the worst thing about going back to work. No more evening beach time. I could go during the day, but it’s super crowded.

I have had an entire week off, with not much to do besides lots of beaching and crazy birthday planning, so all the time in the world to surf Tumblr. I haven’t been on this site in over a week. I chose now, when I need to get in the shower and get ready for work, to get on. I may be stalling.

My little baby boy turned 8 last week. Holy cow! He is growing so fast I can’t even deal with it. I also assisted in birthday preparations for certain other people who may be significant in my life. If things continue to go well for me this could consistently be a very busy week each year. That wouldn’t be a bad thing at all

Drug Induced Ramble

Flexeril will fuck you up, apparently. Or me, at least. I have been sleeping for almost 3 straight days. Hasn’t done much for my shoulder, though, and now my lower back is spasming, too. I took my kids for a very short walk, to the store right down the street and barely made it there and back. That was a miserable time, and I ended up collapsing on the couch as soon as we walked in the door. Not only is my back killing me, but I just feel sick, which I think is a side effect of the drugs. I can stop hurting myself and getting sick anytime now. That would be lovely.

Also, why does the kid with the stinkiest farts need to sleep in my bed every night? Good Lord.

I’m just now noticing that a post from two days posted all half passed. I have been in a drug and pain induced fog for two days. I am the only person I know who could pull a muscle cleaning up spilled milk. I spilled it, too, not a kid. Clean it up, go back and sit down, and suddenly I can barely move my head because I have this horrible pain in my neck. I tried to shower and get ready for work and nearly cried while combing my hair. That was when I called my sister-in-law and asked for a ride to ER. I thought I had pinched a nerve or slipped a disc or something. This was right up there with labor. Every time we hit a bump I screeched. They decided it was a pulled muscle and gave me muscle relaxers and I have pretty much slept the last two days away. The bonus was that we were in and out of the busiest ER in town in an hour because I presented with a neck injury. Typically it takes around 4 hours there, because they are where you want to be if you need xrays, possible surgery, or anything serious. The other hospital’s ER is more of a walk in clinic.

Hell Week

My daughter graduated 4th grade yesterday and the last day of school was today, so this week was jam packed with activities, most of which required me to be up early and showered so I could be at the school. Monday morning I got up, got the kids on bus, went back to bed, got back up, surprise! No water! The well pump broke or something. It took my step dad 3 days to fix. Showering at my mom’s sucks. They have hard water and 3 days of that was awesome. Tuesday and Wednesday I had to be at school for special activities so I had to get up earlier than normal in order to get over there and shower.

Ughhh. I’m tired and bored and there’s not much to do so I keep hiding in the bathroom. The seats aren’t very comfortable in here, though. Also, allergy and headachy tired is much suckier than regular tired. This has been whine ass Wednesday on Thursday. Brought to you by the week of no water. 3 days, but still. Legit reason to still be a whine ass.

Truthful Tuesday On Wednesday

Victoria’s Secret calls lingerie sleepwear. LoL! I don’t know anyone that buys it to sleep in it. That’s not what I’m buying it for!

My kids get on the bus at the daycare next door. Sometimes one of the moms gives daycare lady’s daughter a ride to school for early activities. Today I got there in time to hear “I can’t today, I have to go back to my house and my boyfriend’s crazy ex wife is there and TRUST ME, you don’t want to see her!” I burst out laughing, but all the kids just looked confused. The other mom and I just looked at each other and smiled. Yeah, me too, lady.

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