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Fuck! People are driving like dicks tonight. There was the guy I was trying to pass who sped up so I couldn’t, the other guy who apparently forgot where he lives and slammed the brakes on and did a no blinker turn. I’m really surprised that didn’t turn into an accident. Every car who doesn’t turn down their high beams, but that’s every night. Damn, people.

In response to the question from earlier, this Pahlish polish seems to have fairly good staying power. It’s still on, and my job can destroy a manicure, so what lasts 2-4 days for me is a good week or more for normal people depending on what you do. If you work with methanol, aka rubbing alcohol, that will eat your polish. This also dries super fast, but a top coat can help with that.


Anonymous asked:

What is some of the best polish you've gotten? If I find something that dries to fast it chips. If doesn't chip it stains my nails. Just thought I would ask.

I use Nails Inc Caviar Base and Top Coats and they work great. I work with chemicals ad industrial strength methanol, so my polish doesn’t stay on as long, but on vacation it will last up to a week. Deborah Lippmann polish is the best, but it’s really expensive. I sometimes find deals on ebay. Essie is also good, as is A England.

Slow Cooker Meat Sauce with Zucchini Noodles


I’m breaking out my slow cooker again for an absolutely delicious meat sauce! It’s so flavorful, and it’s loaded with both ground chuck and hot sausage. I even snuck a couple of red peppers into it for some added nutrients. My husband never even noticed them! This recipe reminded me of my mom’s

havekidslaughmore Would this recipe work for your family? Sounds gluten free.

Goodbye, Mr. Ferguson

Tonight’s Hell On Wheels hit me right in the feels. I read a post last week that basically predicted this outcome, without the particulars. I was hoping that it wasn’t accurate and that they would find a way for him to recover from this. Sadly, that was not to be. I will miss his relationship with Cullen. Cullen needs a buddy. Poor guy. I was really expecting Ruth to show up at the end there. I was surprised when she didn’t. Poor guy. He could have used her.

INFP personality | 16Personalities   



I was tagged by alfa-limalimon
This test was spot on. I was shocked by the description. This is me, to a T. I tag mywildloves, tehjennismightier, ivoryndn, mykidsmaybecrazy and maeganbobaegan

I got INFP too (turbulent varient), but maybe I didnt fill it out right because I feel like Ive gotten a different result in the past. Or maybe I dont know who I am? I dont know.

I’ve taken it a few times before, in high school and college, and gotten different results, but I feel like tonight’s result was perfectly represents who am I today. I’m obviously the same person in a lot of ways, but in a lot of ways I’m not, given that that was 12-15 years ago. It was fun, anyway.

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